Designing a camera app for sharing tasty moments

Designing a camera app for sharing tasty moments

From food trucks to fancy dinners, Chomp makes it fun and easy to keep up with your friends’ food adventures. Shareable, instant pics and bite-sized reviews help you stay connected whenever tasty moments happen.

Project Type

UI/UX Design, Branding


Web, Mobile App




Our first encounter with Chomp was during brunch at a French restaurant in San Francisco. The moment our food arrived, the CEO of Chomp, Kiyo, immediately started snapping photos with his smartphone.


Chomp was developed with React Native and when we came onboard, there was a lot to tackle in the task management tool. There were missing screen designs and components that required modification. It also needed the componentization of the UI element and the symbolization of the color scheme, typography, and icons.


An unexpected issue with trademark rights meant mid-project changes to Chomp’s brand identity and logo. After analyzing the existing logo, we delivered a fresh, new, trademark-compliant concept that stayed faithful to the original vision of Chomp.


For the first month of our work with Chomp, we focused on developing design files and guidelines. This created a strong structure and standardized foundation for the Chomp team to build on.