A venture capital logo

Brand identity for the leading Japanese venture capital firm

KVP is a leading venture capital firm that has backed more than 60 companies in Japan.

Project Type





3 weeks

The Story

KLab Venture Partners, a corporate venture capital firm of the KLab Inc, changed its name to KVP to reposition itself as an independent venture capital.

Our goal was to create an engaging brand identity with their own personality that all stakeholders can be be proud of.

The Metophors

We created a design brief from the discussions with the KVP team to explore their new visual identity. KVP's mission is to "Bring entrepreneurs' vision to the next stage."

We identified the keywords as trustworthy, reliable, and supportive. From these, we proposed different design approaches.

Logomark Construction

We designed a symbol mark that could be enhanced as a pattern and proposed multiple typographies balancing it with the symbol mark.

Finalizing the logo

The final logo design consists of a bold, geometric, mono-color icon with a custom crafted typography.