Implementing self-ordering at restaurants

Implementing self-ordering at restaurants

This app allows customers to order their meal through a digital menu at their respective tables. To elevate the UX, it also lets customers customize their selections, filter based on dietary needs and track their order's progress. The app was designed with two things in mind - provide convenience for customers and increase efficiency within the restaurant.

Project Type

UI/UX Design


Tablet App


8 weeks


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While designing this app we had to make sure that it was intuitive and easy to use, but still effective in mining the data that needed to be collected. To do this, we researched what the most common asks amongst restaurant patrons were and what was most important to them in a menu. We then used this information to identify what details to include for each item, where it was placed on the screen, and what features would be most useful and helpful to them in making a selection.

Visual Exploration

Our inspiration for the app’s design was California’s farm-to-table culture and contemporary Italian food.

To represent this we played around with different color themes from dramatic dark colors to an all-white minimalist look, but finally settled on using a mix of earth tones.

In terms of typography, we wanted something that was clean, but not harsh - a serif font fit this the best.

Modern & Traditional

For Piccolo, we wanted an aesthetic that was simple and modern, but reflected its Italian roots.

Four moods were created and in the end we chose to go with a design that was minimalist but warm through the use of high def images, soft colors and rounded fonts.


After adding to the cart and placing an order, customers are able to monitor the status of their order.

Finally, once they have finished their meal, closing out and paying is made easy and seamless through the app’s payment page.