Robust Intelligence

AI for Critical Decision Making

Brand identity for cybersecurity AI

We have built the brand identity and website for Robust Intelligence, a company specializing in building APIs for financial institutions and government agencies to detect attacks by AI technology. Their works are based on cutting edge research and broad engineering expertise. We have teamed up to design a substantial, trusting, and a secure brand image.


Branding, Web


AI, Cybersecurity


May 2019 - Present

The Metaphors

Based on the discussion with Robust Intelligence, we have created a design brief, and explored for their new visual identity. Their mission is to prevent vulnerability in banks and security systems. We have come up with keywords to define their identity : robust, trust, safety, and security. From these words , we created a variety of logos, and determined their future direction.

image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4
Logo Refinements

Refinement stage of the chosen logomark. Which includes variations of line-weight and initial logotype exploration.

Logo philosophy and construction

The symbol mark consists of a hexagonal shape divided into 6 segments, which reveal a dynamic three dimensional illusion, much like Escher’s optical illusional art. Originally the hexagon shape and lines are based on how AI classify images. The Escher-like design comes because people try to trick the AI image recognition system, to get paid more with a check or make a Tesla jump to the next line on the road etc. Several security related aspects. Escher tricks the eyes.


We designed a style representing their brand identity. Selecting a color palette and typeface that well defines ROBUST & INTELLIGENCE. Using this style, we delivered the corporate website, sales decks, and the brand guideline.

Corporate site

Hero Area background is a 3D object created using Three.js. Interactions for page load and hovering are implemented for typography. This design sends a message as a team with state of the art technology.