Where companies build remote design teams

Zypsy is a platform that lets companies build skilled design teams that streamline the development process from concept to launch.

What we offer

Kiyo Kobayashi

CEO & Co-Founder, Chomp

"Zypsy’s design services have made our entire development process more agile. We get production-ready designs when we need them, for a fraction of the time and cost it takes to onboard an agency or in-house designer."

Ryo Chikazawa

CEO & Co-Founder, Autify

"Zypsy delivers all the benefits of a multidisciplinary design team, without the headache of hiring. They’ve been a key partner in helping us scale our business."

Bulent Tastan

CEO & Co-Founder, Planogy

"Zypsy helped us hit the ground running with our application design with no overhead. We received a professional service with modern design outcome thanks to their talented team."