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Top Notch Design Team in Everyone’s Pocket

An on demand design and interaction development service combining world class designers and front-end developers in your slack channel

For Designers & Developers

Leading design system driven product development

We help clients build a production ready design system early on and empower their teams to maintain a consistent and efficient product development.

Fast, managed and reliable

Our smart platform ensures that the projects are started within hours, not weeks. During the course of a project, an assigned project manager will provide you structured updates and gladly make necessary revisions to deliver the best design possible.

Best Tech Talent

All freelance designers and developers with Zypsy have a proven track record and elite industry experience. Each freelancer goes through an extensive screening process with 15+ criteria to ensure that you only work with highly qualified designers and developers.

How It Works

Once we receive the design brief, our project managers will provide you an optimal sprint proposal for your project. After approving the full list of tasks with you, we’ll give you a fixed, unchanging price.

Sample Design Project Timeline 5 weeks, 2 people
  • Concepting 1 week
  • Wireframing 1 week
  • Medium Fidelity 2 weeks
  • High Fidelity 1 week
What We Offer
  • UI/UX Design

    Our extensive design process brings your vision to life through an iterative process of wireframes and mockups.

    - UI/UX Design - Illustration - Branding

  • Interaction Development

    Create more intuitive user experiences by adding detail to goal driven interaction design and motion graphic.

    - Front End Development - Prototyping - Animation
  • Maintenance

    From component updates to new feature development, your team needs quality design function in the iterative product development process. Zypsy provides you an on demand maintenance service so that teams can maintain a consistent and efficient product development.

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We're inviting new projects every week.

Let’s Design Great Things Together

Zypsy only accepts highly experienced freelance designers and developers. When working with Zypsy, you will gain access to a network of multidisciplinary product design experts, market leading companies, and development resources that you can utilize throughout your career.

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